A resource for the history of Bloomfield through the farm and the 'big house', the village, housing development and suburb -- including the 1851 mill disaster (16 workmen killed, six injured).

Bloomfield cross-roads at dusk


This website, including its digressions, offers a detailed timeline of information about the locality of Bloomfield in the townland of Ballyhackamore, the parish of Holywood, the city of Belfast and the county of Down. Very much a work in slow progress!
Bloomfield is contained within the area bounded by the North Road, the Knock River, Connswater River, the top of the Newtownards Road and the Upper Newtownards Road.
Modern-day Bloomfield is a ward within Pottinger, one of Belfast City Council's nine district electoral areas.  See PDF map
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Bloomfield is also part of the Belfast East Assembly and Parliamentary constituency.

This is not a website about politics. If you want facts and figures about contemporary Bloomfield try here instead.
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I acknowledge with thanks the assistance of the East Belfast Historical Society and Wesley Thompson. The Society's DVD, The Past in Pictures, grant-aided by the Heritage Lottery Fund, along with John Auld's comprehensive article on Bloomfield in the Society's Journal, Vol.3 No.2, 1994, provided a treasure trove of historic photographs and a rich source of information. It was John Auld's drawing of Bloomfield House as he remembered it which set this website project in motion.
Site last updated 25 February 2020.
More info added re the 1840s, the Beer's Bridge (Owen O'Cork) Mill 1851 disaster, 
arson attacks and, at last, photos of Bloomfield House - all on the Robert Boyd page.
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